So, as predicted, Labour won a thumping majority on 4 July and most businesses are now anxiously waiting to see if and when they will face the force of expected new employment laws.

Our guess is that the manifesto pledge to “introduce legislation within 100 days” to deliver a “new deal for working people” will probably turn into “we’re now going to take 100 days to decide what to do!” but we will have to wait and see.

In theory, certain changes could be made very quickly. For example, abolishing the age differences in the living wage, introducing the new proposed right to “switch off” and ending the rule that employees cannot claim unfair dismissal until they have been employed for 2 years.

Other changes, including some which would involve making more fundamental workplace reforms, are likely to go through a longer consultation process before new legislation is enacted.

Watch this space closely because the landscape should become a little bit clearer after the hotly anticipated King’s Speech on 17 July. Although it is possible at least half the country might not notice if they are still hungover after England manage to win the Euros for the first time ever 3 days before, on 14 July!