Disciplinary And Grievance Investigations And Hearings

Disciplinary And Grievance Investigations And Hearings

We have extensive experience advising clients on independent workplace investigations. 

How such investigations are conducted can ultimately determine your chances of being able to successfully defend any subsequent employment tribunal claims. Therefore, their importance cannot be overstated. 

It is always better to expend time and resources at the beginning of any case, than at the end, when it is usually too late.

We can check your procedures and help guide you if you receive any serious complaints or grievances about discrimination, bullying, harassment, or whistleblowing.

We can also advise you when and how to conduct disciplinary investigations and hearings. If necessary, we can even conduct investigations and hearings for you.

At all times, we ensure you follow a proper and correct ACAS Code of Practice compliant process to avoid a situation where a tribunal Judge might increase the amount of compensation payable by up to 25%.

If you don't get proper advice, this is a real danger.