TUPE Regulations

TUPE Regulations

Andrew Macmillan has worked with some of the very best corporate lawyers in the last 20 years+ on some very big commercial deals and so has extensive experience of dealing with all matters relating to the operation of the TUPE Regulations.

A bit like redundancy, the TUPE Regulations require employers to follow a detailed consultation process to avoid costly and time-consuming employment tribunal claims.

We Can Advise You On:

(a) If and when TUPE applies (it is not always clear if it does, particularly in relation to service provision changes)

(b) The correct consultation process to follow if TUPE applies

(c) Common problem areas; such as when another business refuses to accept that TUPE applies and will not accept any transferring employees, exactly which employees should be transferring under TUPE, changing terms and conditions post-TUPE transfer, collective consultation, and warranties and indemnities in business sale agreements