Our care home and social care sector clients will no doubt be very pleased to discover that compulsory Covid jabs for care workers are being scrapped in England.

The policy was introduced last year (2021) but immunity levels, and the Omicron variant causing less severe illness, means the mandatory requirement will end on 15 March 2022. About time too some will say!

The change is expected to spark outrage from those who have had to quit their jobs due to the policy.

Many of our clients were forced to end the employment of vastly experienced and highly valued care workers who refused to have the vaccination and many of them had been employed for several years. It was certainly a traumatic time for everyone involved.

Some employees will have entered into settlement (compromise) agreements at the time but will now want to return to their old jobs as the policy is being relaxed. There is no reason why they cannot do so (in England) after 15 March 2022.

As we know, there are still many job vacancies in the care home and social care sectors and we hope this new policy will go some way to easing the staffing crisis for our clients.

We are experts on settlement (compromise) agreements at aiMac-hr and we can advise both employers and employees in relation to their terms and effects. Please get in touch for further details and we will be happy to help you.