The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has alarmingly confirmed that 809,000 people have so far self reported as suffering from long Covid!
But can long Covid actually constitute a disability under The Equality Act?
The answer is potentially YES!
Any sensible business should now be asking some important questions with this ticking time bomb.
(a) Do you appreciate why this is really serious stuff and what this actually means for your business?
(b) How far do your legal duties extend?
(c) Indeed what are reasonable adjustments?
(d) And are your policies and procedures fit for purpose and legally compliant?
If you want to look after your people and protect your business, whilst avoiding expensive and time consuming employment tribunal claims, then you need proper expert legal advice before it’s too late.
We are experts in disability discrimination law at aiMac-hr and we can help you to devise systems and put in place practices to help your business function efficiently and minimise risk, so contact us now for further advice.
Doing nothing really isn’t a sensible option because the next time you have someone off work due to a Covid related absence, and if you don’t handle things correctly, then the brutal fact is your business is going to be exposed to a huge level of risk.