We are often asked to advise start-up businesses and entrepreneurs about the essential things they need to do to ensure they are legally and business compliant. We use a simple checklist for our clients to follow and we share it here for you now.

We know it can seem like an awful lot to have to consider before you have even thought about sorting out the more exciting bits for your fledgling business i.e your website, branding, marketing and intellectual property (trademarks etc) but we can help walk you through all the essential steps you need to take to avoid problems and time consuming and expensive litigation or claims.


  1. Issue correct Terms and Conditions of Employment (S.1 Statement) for employees
  2. Consider relevant Employment Status issues and documentation for contractors/apprentices/casual workers
  3. Introduce Staff Handbook (policies and procedures)
  4. Prepare for GDPR (Data Protection) – policy and privacy notice
  5. Check Pay – National Minimum Wage rates
  6. Carry out relevant Right to Work Checks
  7. Plan a Recruitment Strategy and devise company culture
  8. Get advice on Pension Auto-Enrolment obligations
  9. HMRC registration depending on company structure: sole trader/limited company/partnership
  10. Insurance and business protection 


There are, of course, many other things to consider in addition to this helpful checklist but these are what we consider to be the essential “must do” things.

Contact us for further detailed advice about:-

(a) What needs to be included in a S.1 Statement and when it needs to be issued

(b) What policies and procedures you should always include in a Staff Handbook 

(c) How to ensure restrictive covenants can be designed so that they are legally enforceable

(d) How to ensure you carry out the correct right to work checks

(e) How you can minimise risk to yourself and your business

Our experience confirms that, only when you have the essential building blocks in place, can your business really grow and flourish!